Selected Publication


(1) Ming-Chung Wu*, Chi-Hung Lin, Ting-Han Lin, Shun-Hsiang Chan, Yin-Hsuan Chang, Tz-Feng Lin, Ziming Zhou, Kai Wang, and Chao-Sung Lai*, "Ultrasensitive Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds by Freestanding Aligned Ag/CdSe-CdS/PMMA Texture with Double-Sild UV-Ozone Treatment", 2019, ACS Applied Materials & Interface, 11, 34454-34462. (▲:4; SCI; IF:9.229 at 2020; Ranking:44/335=13.1% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)          


(2) Ming-Chung Wu*, Ting-Han Lin, Kai-Hsiang Hsu, and Jen-Fu Hsu*, "Photo-Induced Disinfection Property and Photocatalytic Activity Based on the Synergistic Catalytic Technique of Ag Doped TiO2 Nanofibers", 2019, Applied Surface Science, 484, 326-334. (▲:20; SCI; IF:6.707 at 2020; Ranking:1/21=4.8% in Materials Science, Coatings & Films)         

ASS-AgTiO2 NFs.jpg

(3) Ming-Chung Wu*Wei-Kang Huang, Ting-Han Lin, and Yu-Jen Lu*, "Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production and Photodegradtion of Organic Dyes of Hydrogenated TiO2 Nanofibers Decorated Metal Nanoparticles", 2019, Applied Surface Science, 469, 34-43. (▲:17; SCI; IF:6.707 at 2020; Ranking:1/21=4.8% in Materials Science, Coatings & Films)  

ASS-Hydrogenated TiO2.jpg

(4) Ming-Chung Wu*Kai-Chi-Hsiao, Yin-Hsuan Chang, and Krisztián Kordás, "Core-Shell Heterostructures of Rutile and Anatase TiO2 Nanofibers for Photocatalytic Solar Energy Conversion", 2019, ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2, 1970-1979. (▲:7; SCI; IF:5.097 at 2020; Ranking:101/335=30.1% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary) (Selected as a supplementary cover of ACS Applied Nano Materials!!)

2019-ACS ANM-Core-Shell封面.jpg
4-ACS ANM-core shell.jpeg

(5) Jer-Chyi Wang*, Rajat Subhra Karmakar, Yu-Jen Lu*, Shun-Hsiang Chan, Ming-Chung WuKun-Ju Lin, Chin-Kuo Chen, Kuo-Chen Wei, and Yong-Hsing Hsu, "Miniaturized Flexible Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors: Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):Poly(styrenesulfonate) Copolymers Blended with Graphene Oxide for Biomedical Applications", 2019, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11, 34305-34315. (▲:8; SCI; IF:9.229 at 2020; Ranking:44/335=13.1% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary) 


(6) Shih-Hsuan Chen, Shun-Hsiang Chan, Yen-Tung Lin and Ming-Chung Wu*, "Enhanced Power Conversion Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Mesoscopic Ag-Doped TiO2 Electron Transport Layer", 2019, Applied Surface Science, 469, 18-26. (▲:23; SCI; IF:6.707 at 2020; Ranking:1/21=4.8% in Materials Science, Coatings & Films)  


(7) Kai-Chi Hsiao, Meng-Huan Jao, Bo-Ting Lee, Ting-Han Lin, Hsuen-Chung Stan Liao, Ming-Chung Wu,  and Wei-Fang Su*, "Enhancing Efficiency and Stability of Hot Casting p-i-n Perovskite Solar Cell via Dipolar Ion Passivation", 2019, ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2, 4821-4832. (▲:12; SCI; IF:6.024 at 2020; Ranking:87/335=26.0% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary) 

MCWU-2019-ACS AEM-凱起p-i-n.JPG

(8) Duy Linh Vu, Yi-Ying Li, Ting-Han Lin and Ming-Chung Wu*, "Fabrication and Humidity Sensing Property of UV/Ozone Treated PANI/PMMA Electrospun Fibers", 2019, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 99, 250-257. (▲:5; SCI; IF:5.876 at 2020; Ranking:25/143=17.5% in Engineering, Chemical)     


(9) Yin-Hsuan Chang and Ming-Chung Wu*, "Enhanced Photocatalytic Reduction of Cr(VI) by Combined Magnetic TiO2-Based NFs and Ammonium Oxalate Hole Scavenger", 2019, Catalysts, 9, 72, 1-12. (▲:5; SCI; IF:4.146 at 20120; Ranking:67/162=41.4% in Chemistry, Physical)     ​​


(10) Shun-Hsiang Chan, Yin-Hsuan Chang, and Ming-Chung Wu*, "High-Performance Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Low-Temperature Processed Electron Extraction Layer", 2019, Frontiers in Materials, 6, 57, 1-7. (▲:6; SCI; IF:3.515 at 2020; Ranking:158/335=47.2% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary) 


(11) Ruey-Shin Juang, Chun-Ju Su, Ming-Chung Wu, His-Chuan Lu, Sea-Fue Wang, and An-Cheng Sun*, "Fabrication of Magnetic Fe3O4 Nanoparticles with Unidirectional Extension Pattern by a Facile and Eco-Friendly Microwave-Assisted Solvothermal Method", 2019,  Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotecnology, 6, 19, 7645-7653. (▲:5; SCI; IF:1.134 at 2019; Ranking:137/177=77.4% in Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)