Selected Publication


(1) Kun-Mu Lee, Wei-Hao Chiu, Yu-Hsiang Tsai, Chao-Shian Wang, Yu-Tai Tao, and Yan-Duo Lin*, "High-Performance Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Dopant-Free Hole-Transporting Material Fabricated by a Thermal-Assisted Blade-Coating Method with Efficiency Exceeding 21%", 2022, Chemical Engineering Journal, 427, 131609. (▲:0; SCI; IF:13.273 at 2020; Ranking:4/143=2.8% in Engineering, Chemical)

1-CEJ-blade coating 21%.jpg

(2) Chen-Hsin Tu†, Kun-Mu Lee†, Jui-Heng Chen, Chia-Hua Chiang, Shen-Chieh Hsu, Ming-Wei Hsu, and Ching-Yuan Liu*, "Pd-Free Synthesis of Dithienothiophene-Based Oligoaryls for Effective Hole-Transporting Materials by Optimized Cu-Catalyzed Annulation and Dirtect C-H Arylation", 2022, Organic Chemistry Frontiers, Advance Article. (▲:0; SCI; IF:5.281 at 2020; Ranking:8/57=14.0% in Chemistry, Organic)

2-OCF-hole-transporting materials.gif

(3) Chien-Chung Hsu†, Seng-Min Yu†, Kun-Mu Lee*†, Chuan-Jung Lin†, Bo-Yi Liou, and Fu-Rong Chen*, "Oxidized Nickel to Prepare an Inorganic Hole Transport Layer for High-Efficiency and Stability of CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells", 2022, Energies, 15, 919. (▲:0; SCI; IF:3.044 at 2020; Ranking:70/114=61.4% in Energy & Fuels)

2-Energies-Oxidized Nickel.png

(4) Shih-Hsuan Chen, Ching-Mei Ho, Yin-Hsuan Chang, Kun-Mu Lee, and Ming-Chung Wu*, "Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells with Low J-V Hysteretic Behavior on Mesoporous Sn-Doped TiO2 Electron Extraction Layer", 2022, Chemical Engineering Journal, Accepted (▲:0; SCI; IF:13.273 at 2020; Ranking:4/143=2.8% in Engineering, Chemical)


(5) Shun-Hsiang Chan, Yin-Hsuan Chang, Meng-Huan Jao, Kai-Chi Hsiao, Kun-Mu Lee, Chao-Sung Lai, and Ming-Chung Wu*, "High Efficiency Quasi-2D/3D Pb-Ba Perovskite Solar Cells via PEACl Addition", 2022, Solar RRL, 2022, 2101098. (▲:0; SCI; IF:8.582 at 2020; Ranking:14/114=12.3% in Energy & Fuels)


(6) Dharuman Chandrasekaran, Wei-Hao Chiu, Kun-Mu Lee*, Jian-Ming Liao, Hsien-Hsin Chou*, and Yung-Sheng Yen*, "Effect of Thiophene Insertion on X-Shaped Anthracene-Based Hole-Transporting Materials in Perovskite Solar Cells", 2022, Polymers, 14, 1580. (▲:0; SCI; IF:4.329 at 2020; Ranking:18/88=20.5% in Polymer Science)