Selected Publication


(1) Kun-Mu Lee*, Chuan-Jung Lin, Bo-Yi Liou, Sheng-Min Yu, Chien-Chung Hsu and Vembu Suryanarayanan, "Effect of Anti-Solvent Mixture on The Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells and Suppression Hysteresis Behavior", 2019, Organic Electronics, 65, 266-274. (▲:0; SCI; IF:3.721 at 2020; Ranking:48/160=30.0% in Physics, Applied)

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(2) Po-Han Lin, Kun-Mu Lee*, Chang-Chieh Ting, and Ching-Yuan Liu*, "Spiro-tBuBED: a New Derivative of a Spirobifluorene-Based Hole-Transporting Material for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells", 2019, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 7, 5934-5937. (▲:0; SCI; IF:12.732 at 2020; Ranking:8/114=7.0% in Energy & Fuels)


(4) Yi-Kai Peng, Kun-Mu Lee, Chang-Chieh Ting, Ming-Wei Hsu, and Ching-Yuan Liu, "Making Benzotrithiophene Derivatives Dopant-Free for Perovskite Solar Cells: Step-Saving Installation of π-Spacers by a Direct C-H Arylation Strategy", 2019, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Advance Article. (▲:0; SCI; IF:12.732at 2020; Ranking:8/114=7.0% in Energy & Fuels)


(5) Chih-Wei Hu*, Hsin-Che Lu, Sheng-Yuan Kao, Kun-Mu Lee, R. Vittal, Hsin-Fu Yu, Po-Wen Chen, Der-Jun Jan, and Kuo-Chuan Ho*, "A Transparent-Green-Blue Electrochromic Device Based on 2, 2, 6, 6-Tetramethyl-1-Piperidinyloxy (TEMPO), Polyaniline, and HV(BF4)2", 2019, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 200, 109993. (▲:0; SCI; IF:7.267 at 2020; Ranking:28/160=17.5% in Physics, Applied)


(9) Yu-Chieh Chang, Kun-Mu Lee, Chang-Chieh Ting, and Ching-Yuan Liu, "Step-Efficient Access to New Starburst Hole-Transport Materials with Carbazole End-Groups for Perovskite Solar Cells via Direct C-H/C-Br Coupling Reactions", 2019, Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 3, 2041-2045. (▲:0; SCI; IF:6.482 at 2020; Ranking:41/179=23.0% in Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)   


(6) Perumal Manivel, Kanagaraj Madasamy, Vembu Suryanarayanan*, Noel Nesakumar, Arockia Jayalatha Kulandaisamy, Murugavel Kathiresan, Marimuthu Parthiban, David Velayutham, and Kun-Mu Lee, "Cu(HBTC)(4,4’-Bipy)۰3DMF Nanorods Supported on Platinum Electrode as An Electrochemical Sensing Platform for Efficient Vitamin B12 Detection", 2019, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 96, 1-10. (▲:0; SCI; IF:5.876 at 2020; Ranking:25/143=17.5% in Engineering, Chemical)


(7) Yan-Duo Lin*Kun-Mu Lee*, Bo-Yu Ke, Kai-Shiang Chen, Hao-Chien Cheng, Wei-Juih Lin, Sheng Hsiung Chang, Chun-Guey Wu*, Ming-Chung Kuo, Hsin-Cheng Chung, Chien-Chun Chou, Heng-Yu Chen, Kang-Ling Liau, Tahsin J. Chow and Shih-Sheng Sun*, "Rational Design of Cyclopenta[2,1-b;3,4-b’]dithiophene-bridged Hole Transporting Materials for Highly Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells", 2019, Energy Technology, 7, 307-316. (▲:0; SCI; IF:3.631 at 2020; Ranking:66/114=57.9% in Energy & Fuels)   

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(8) Chien-Lin Huang*, Tzu-Hsin Wei, Sheng-Yin Peng, and Kun-Mu Lee, "Study of Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile Fiber with Porous and Ultrafine Nanofibril Structures: Effect of Stabilization Treatment on the Resulting Carbonized Structure", 2019, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 48218, 1-15. (▲:0; SCI; IF:3.125 at 2020; Ranking:35/88=39.8% in Polymer Science)