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Selected Publication


(1) Pei-Huan Lee, Ting-Tzu Wu, Chia-Feng Li, Damian Glowienka, Yu-Xuan Huang, Shih-Han Huang, Yu-Ching Huang*and Wei-Fang Su*, "Featuring Semitransparent p-i-n Perovskite Solar Cells for High-Efficiency Four-Terminal/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells", 2022, Solar RRL, 6, 2100891. (▲:0; SCI; IF:9.173 at 2021; Ranking:61/345=17.8% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary(Selected as an inside front cover of Solar RRL!!)

(2) Shih-Han Huang, Yen-Chi Wang, Kai-Chi Hsiao, Pei-Huan Lee, Hsueh-Chung Laio, Yu-Xuan Huang, Yu-Ching Huang*, and Wei-Fang Su, "Solid-State Ligand-Capped Metal Oxide Electron-Transporting Layer for Efficient and Stable Fullerene-Free Perovskite Solar Cells", 2022, Solar RRL, 6, 2100671. (▲:0; SCI; IF:9.173 at 2021; Ranking:61/345=17.8% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary(Selected as a back cover of Solar RRL!!)


(3) Yun-Ming-Sung, Cheng-Si Tsao*, Hua-Kai Lin, Hou-Chin Cha, and Yu-Ching Huang*"Scale-Up Fabrication and Characteristic Study of Oligomer-Like Small-Molecule Solar Cells by Ambient Halogen-Free Sheet-to-Sheet and Roll-to-Roll Slot-Die Coating", 2022, Solar Energy, 231, 536-545. (▲:0; SCI; IF:7.188 at 2021; Ranking:37/119=31% in Energy & Fuels)

2-SolarEnergy-roll to roll.jpg

(4) Meng-Fang Lin, Kang-Wei Chang, Chia-Hsien Lee, Xin-Xian Wu, and YuChing Huang*"Electrospun P3HT/PVDF-HFP Semiconductive Nanofibers for Triboelectric Nanogenerators", 2022, Scientific Reports, 12, 14842. (▲:0; SCI; IF:4.997 at 2021; Ranking:19/74=25.7% in Multidisciplinary Science)

4-ScientificReports-P3HT PVDF-HFP.png

(5) Tienli Ma, Chiehming Tsai, Shyhchyang Luo, Weili Chen, YuChing Huang*, and WeiFang Su*, "Chemical Structures and Compositions of Peptide Copolymer Films Affect Their Functional Properties for Cell Adhesion and Cell Viability", 2022, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 175, 105265. (▲:0; SCI; IF:4.966 at 2021; Ranking:17/90=18.9% in Polymer Science)


(6) Zhi-Hao Huang, Madhuja Layek, Chia-Feng Li, YuChing Huang*, and Kun-Mu Lee*, "Cesium Lead Bromide Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Modification, and Application to O2 Sensing", 2022, Sensors, 22, 8853. (▲:0; SCI; IF:3.847 at 2021; Ranking:29/87=33.3% in Chemistry, Analytical)

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