Selected Publication


(1) Yun-Ming Sung, Meng-Zhen Li, Dian Luo, Yan-De Li, Sajal Biring, Yu-Ching HuangChun-Kai Wang, Shun-Wei Liu*, and Ken-Tseng Wong**, "A Micro-Cavity Forming Electrode with High Thermal Stability for Semi-Transparent Colorful Organic Photovoltaic Exceeding 13% Power Conversion Efficiency", 2021, Nano Energy, 80, 105565. (▲:0; SCI; IF:16.602 at 2019; Ranking:14/314=4.4% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)


(2) Pei-Huan Lee, Ting-Tzu Wu, Chia-Feng Li, Damian Głowienka, Yi-Hsuan Sun, Yi-Ting Lin, Hung-Wei Yen, Cheng-Gang Huang, Yulia Galagan, Yu-Ching Huang*, and Wei-Fang Su*, "Highly Crystalline Colloidal Nickel Oxide Hole Transport Layer for Low-Temperature Processable Perovskite Solar Cell", 2021, Chemical Engineering Journal, 412, 128746. (▲:0; SCI; IF:10.652 at 2019; Ranking:4/143=2.8% in Engineering, Chemical)


(3) Yun-Ming Sung, Abdul Khalik, Akbar, Sajal Biring, Chia-Feng Li, Yu-Ching Huang*and Shun-Wei Liu*, "The Effect of ZnO Preparation on the Performance of Inverted Polymer Solar Cells Under One Sun and Indoor Light", 2021, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 9, 1196-1204. (▲:0; SCI; IF:7.059 at 2019; Ranking:21/155=13.5% in Physics, Applied(Selected as an inside back cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry C!!)


(4) Ching-Yu Lee, Cheng-Si Tsao, Hua-Kai Lin, Hou-Chin Cha, Tsui-Yun Chung, Yun-Ming Sung, and Yu-Ching Huang*, "Ensapsulation Improvement and Stability of Ambient Roll-to-Roll Slot-Die Coated Organic Photovoltaic Modules", 2021, Solar Energy, 213, 136-144. (▲:0; SCI; IF:4.608 at 2019; Ranking:35/112=31.3% in Energy & Fuels)

2021-SolarEnergy-roll_to_roll modules.JP

(5) Zong-Liang Tseng*, Shih-Hung Lin, Jian-Fu Tang, Yu-Ching Huang, Wei-Lun Huang, Yi-Ting Lee, and Lung-Chien Chen*, "Polymeric Hole Transport Materials for Red CsPbI3 Perovskite Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes", 2021, Polymers, 13, 896. (▲:0; SCI; IF:3.426 at 2019; Ranking:16/89=18.0% in Polymer Science)