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Selected Publication


(1) Yin-Hsuan Chang, Ting-Hung Hsieh, Kai-Chi Hsiao, Ting-Han Lin, Kai-Hsiang Hsu*, and Ming-Chung Wu*, "Electrospun Fibrous Nanocomposite Sensing Materials for Monitoring Biomarkers in Exhaled Breath", 2023, Polymers, 15, 1833. (▲:0; SCI; IF:5.0 at 2022; Ranking:16/86=18.6% in Polymer Science)       


(2) Ting-Han Lin†, Yin-Hsuan Chang†, Ting-Hung Hsieh†, Yu-Ching Huang*, and Ming-Chung Wu*, "Electrospun SnO2/WO­3 Heterostructure Nanocomposite Fiber for Enhanced Acetone Vapor Detection", 2023, Polymers, 15, 4318. (▲:0; SCI; IF:5.0 at 2022; Ranking:16/86=18.6% in Polymer Science)       

(3) Ming-Chung Wu*, Yin-Hsuan Chang, Yi-Jing Lu, Kai-Chi Hsiao, Ting-Han Lin, Jia-Mao Chang, Kai-Hsiang Hsu, Jen-Fu Hsu*, and Kun-Mu Lee*, "Modulating Incident Light for Improved CO2 Photoreduction in Freestanding Silver Bismuth Iodide/Nanocellulose Films with Exotic Gold Nanoparticles", 2023, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 162, 107505. (▲:0; SCI; IF:4.1 at 2022; Ranking:44/159=27.7% in Physics, Applied)       


(12) Forest Shih-Sen Chien*, Asmida Herawati, Ching-Mei Ho, Hsi-Lien Hsiao, Tsong-Shin Tim, Chang-Ren Wang, Kwai-Kong Ng, Subir Das, Fu-Jen Kao, and Ming-Chung Wu*, "Charge Relaxation Associated with Photo-Induced Deactivation of Various Traps in MAPbI3 Films", 2023, Journal of physics D-Applied Physics, 56, 305105. (▲:0; SCI; IF:3.4 at 2022; Ranking:56/159=35.2% in Physics, Applied)

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