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Selected Publication


(1) Kai-Chi Hsiao, Meng-Huan Jao, Kuo-Yu Tian, Ting-Han Lin, Dinh-Phuc Tran, Hsueh-Chung Liao, Cheng-Hung Hou, Jing-Jong Shyue, Ming-Chung Wu, and Wei-Fang Su*, "Acetamidinium Cation to Confer Ion Immobilization and Structure Stabilization of Organometal Halide Perovskite Toward Long Life and High-Efficiency p-i-n Planar Cell via Air-Processable Method", 2020, Solar RRL, 4, 2000197. (▲:9; SCI; IF:9.173 at 2021; Ranking: 61/345=17.8% in Materials Science, Multidisciplinary(Selected as a inside front cover of Solar RRL!!)        

2020-Solar RRL-KC Hsiao-inside front cov
2020-Solar RRL-KC Hsiao.jpg

(2) Ying-Han Liao, Yin-Hsuan Chang, Ting-Han Lin, Shun-Hsiang Chan, Kun-Mu Lee, Kai-Hsiang Hsu, Jen-Fu Hsu*, and Ming-Chung Wu*, "Boosting the Power Conversion Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Sn Doped TiO2 Electron Extraction Layer via Modification the TiO2 Phase Junction", 2020, Solar Energy, 205, 390-398. (▲:10SCI; IF:7.188 at 2021; Ranking:37/119=31% in Energy & Fuels)       


(3) Ya-Ting Chan, Yi Fu, Feng-Yu Wu, Ho-Wei Wang, Ting-Han Lin, Shun-Hsiang Chan, Ming-Chung Wu, and Jer-Chyi Wang*, "Compacted Self-Assembly Graphene with Hydrogen Plasma Surface Modification for Robust Artificial Electronic Synapses of Gadolinium Oxide Memristors", 2020, Advanced Materials Interfaces, 7, 2000860. (▲:3; SCI; IF:6.389 at 2021; Ranking:48/179=26.8% in Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)     

2020-AMI-JCWang-inside front cover.JPG

(4) Duy Linh Vu, Tz-Feng Lin, Ting-Han Lin, and Ming-Chung Wu*, "Highly-Sensitive Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds Vapor by Electrospun PANI/P3TI/PMMA Fibers", 2020, Polymers, 12, 455. (▲:6; SCI; IF:4.967 at 2021; Ranking:16/90=17.8% in Polymer Sicence)       


(5) Yi-Pei Jiang, Tzu-Chuan Yang, Ting-Han Lin, Ching-Mei-Ho, Shun-Hsiang Chan, Ming-Chung Wu, and Jer-Chyi Wang*, "Layer-Dependent Solvent Vapor Annealing on Stacked Ferroelectric P(VDF-TrFE) Copolymers for Highly Efficient Nanogenerator Applications", 2020, Polymer, 204, 122822. (▲:6; SCI; IF:4.432 at 2021; Ranking: 22/90=24.4% in Polymer Science)       

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