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Selected Publication


(1) Ming-Chung Wu*, Min-Ping Lin, Shih-Wen Chen, Pei-Huan Lee, Jia-Han Li, and Wei-Fang Su*, "Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrate Based on Ag Coated Monolayer Sphere Array of SiO2 for Organic Dye Detecting", 2014, RSC Advances, 4, 10043-10050. (▲:31; SCI; IF:4.036 at 2021; Ranking:75/179=41.9% in Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

1-RSC Advanced_Ag SiO2.png

(2) Yu-Chieh Tu, Chun-Yu ChangMing-Chung Wu, Jing-Jong Shyue, and Wei-Fang Su*, "BiFeO3/YSZ Bilayer Electrolyte for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell", 2014, RSC Advances, 4, 19925-19931. (▲:2; SCI; IF:4.036 at 2021; Ranking:75/179=41.9% in Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

2-RSC Advances-BFO-F.png

(3) Che-Pu Hsu, Tsung-Wei ZengMing-Chung Wu, Yu-Chieh Tu, Hsueh-Chung Liao, and Wei-Fang Su*, "Hybrid Poly(3-hexyl thiophene)-TiO2 Nanorods Oxygen Sensor", 2014RSC Advances, 4, 44, 22926-22930. (▲:9; SCI; IF:4.036 at 2021; Ranking:75/179=41.9% in Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

3-RSC Advances-Oxygen Sensor-F.png

(4) Ming-Chung Wu*,  Jyun-Sian Chih, and Wei-Kang Huang, "Bismuth Doping Effect on TiO2 Nanofibers for Morphological Change and Photocatalytic Performance", 2014CrystEngComm, 16, 10692-10699. (▲:53; SCI; IF:3.756 at 2021; Ranking:6/26=23.1% in Crystallography)


(5) Ming-Chung Wu*, Hseuh-Chung Liao, Yu-Cheng Cho, Che-Pu Hsu, Ting-Han Lin, Wei-Fang Su, Andras Sapi, Akos Kukovecz, Zoltan Konya, Andrey Shchukarev, Anjana Sarkar, William Larsson, Jyri-Pekka Mikkola, Melinda Mohl, Geza Toth, Heli Jantunen, Anna Valtanen, Mika Huuhtanen, Riitta L. Keiski, and Krisztian Kordas, "Photocatalytic Activity of Nitrogen Doped TiO2-Based Nanowires: A Photo-Assisted Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy Study", 2014, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 16, 1-11. (▲:11; SCI; IF:2.533 at 2021; Ranking:112/179=62.6% in Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

5-NR_TiO2 KPFM.png

(6) Ming-Chung Wu*, I-Chun Chang, Wei-Kang Huang, Yu-Chieh Tu, Che-Pu Hsu, and Wei-Fang Su, "Correlation between Palladium Chemical State and Photocatalytic Performance of TiO2-Pd Based Nanoparticles", 2014, Thin Solid Films, 570, 371-375. (▲:13; SCI; IF:2.358 at 2021; Ranking:95/161 =59.0% in Physics, Applied)

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