Frontier Materials Research Group

The Frontier Materials Research Group (FMRG) is co-supervised by Prof. Ming-Chung Wu, Prof. Kun-Mu Lee of Department Chemical and Materials Engineering, Chang Gung University (CGU) and Prof. Yu-Ching Huang of Department of Materials Engineering, Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) in Taiwan. FMRG includes 4 Ph.D. students, 6 research assistant, 17 master students and 22 undergraduate students. Materials chemistry and physics are our core knowledge. The corresponding experimental skills include chemical synthesis, microstructure analysis, spectroscopy, and optoelectrical measurements. We mainly focused our interests on perovskite-structured solar cells (PSCs), nanomaterials, antibacterial materials, and advanced process. For PSCs, we concentrate on developing of the lead-reduced perovskite-structured active layer, novel electron transport layer, interface modification, and the PSCs sub-module. For nanomaterials, we are working on the synthesis of TiO2 nanofibers, nanoscale photocatalysts, cellulose nanofibers, and their corresponding material properties analysis. For biomedical materials, we focus on developing antibacterial materials and biocompatibility materials used in medical practices. For the advanced process, we are working on 3D printing technique, electrospinning method, and plasma technologies. Our projects funding are sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, Formosa Plastics Corporation, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chang Gung University, Ming Chi University of Technology, etc.

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About us

前瞻材料實驗群- Frontier Materials Research Group (FMRG)是由長庚大學化材系吳明忠教授李坤穆教授與明志科大材料系黃裕清教授共同成立,目前實驗室成員包含博士生4名、研究助理6名、碩士生17名以及大學部專題生22名。FMRG的核心知識為材料化學與物理,並將知識應用於光伏元件、能源材料與感測材料開發,而主要技術包含先進奈米材料合成、晶體結構分析、形貌探討、光學性質分析與材料模擬計算。目前研究方向著重於鈣鈦礦結構太陽能電池、奈米材料、生醫材料開發以及先進材料製程。

(1) 鈣鈦礦結構太陽能電池:低鉛含量之鈣鈦礦結構主動層、新穎電子傳輸層、表面改質、大面積製程開發與次模組開發。

(2) 奈米材料:二氧化鈦奈米纖維、奈米光觸媒、纖維素奈米纖維及材料性質分析與模擬計算。

(3) 生醫材料開發:抗菌材料、生物可相容性材料。

(4) 先進材料製程:靜電紡絲技術、3D列印技術與低損傷電漿製程開發。


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